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If you can't laugh, what's the point

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Messing with some pictures, trying to correct them (too light/dark/red). I would say, JMO, in the 2nd one, our Jim appears to be pleasantly intoxicated. That’s lovely. Seriously lovely.

I think you are right. He’s still precious.

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Jim Carter … can the man get any more adorable?


onesimus42: Looks like the General bought our CIC some new trousers but he kept the same belt! lol

No way he’s spending $$ on a new belt when the old one’s only half worn out. Also is that a ‘seersucker’ type shirt or just wrinkled. Don’t know which would be more adorable. (Although I’d gladly iron it for him)

oh YUM!

I would gladly take it off him dear the pretense of ironing it….

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Anonymous asked: Is this ship actually popular? Don't like to be mean but it seems weird, she's so bad at her job and ridiculous and also frumpy, can't see any scenario where he'd find her attractive :(


Considering this blog has over 200 followers, I’d say it is fairly popular. Probably not as popular as Malcolm/Jamie and Malcolm/Ollie, but honestly slash is always gonna dominate 95% of fandoms  It’s probably about as popular as Malcolm/Sam though, maybe a bit more so and a hell of a lot popular than this mods other TTOI otps of Mannion/Stewart and Emma/Ollie/Phil.

Yes, Nicola is astoundingly crap at her job, but not nearly as much as people seem to think.To half-quote, half-intentionally-misquote my favorite movie, “As for you, my fine friend, you are a victim of misorganized thinking. You are under the unfortunate impression that simply because Nicola Murray is unable to even walk straight in 4x02  that she is useless and has nothing to offer the world .You  are confusing Series 4 with canon.”

Nicola’s behavior in series 4 is not an accurate representation of what she’s capable of for the simple reason that series 4 reads like slightly better than average fanfiction that some how ended up being canon primarily because Ianucci’s production team was already focusing their attention on Veep and the big $$$$$$ or (pounds if you’d rather) that HBO was gonna give them that they were not able to give the 4th series of the TTOI the attention it deserved. There were also a few new writers and directors to the show from within the cast who are not nearly as brilliant behind the camera as they were in front of it (i.e. Will Smith is a perf Phil but his writing was just okat.) And there was pressure to both satirize real life political events (i.e. the Levenson Inquiry) and to provide the show with some closure since it was almost certainly gonna be the last series since the cast and crew wanted to move on to new things, for which I can’t really blame.  Nicola was just one of MANY whose characterizations and plotlines suffered as a result of these many factors. So was Mannion. And even in Ollie and Malcolm in such different ways.

^ Read Duckodeath’s OUTSTANDING meta for an in-depth analysis of exactly why S4 is such a travesty. But for now, just take my word for it that it is

Nicola is no more crap at her job than Ollie is and certainly less morally corrupt, but yet somehow I never hear that brought up as an obstacle to Ollie/Malc..

Nicola’s biggest struggle is not her incompetence but rather her insecurity. As series 3 indicates, she can almost hold-her-own when she is really confident about something and as destructive as Malc’s influence is for her, we can also see vestiges toward the end of S3 of her becoming more savvy. If she had kept her old position and not been promoted far too fast and far too soon, we probably would have seen her grow both in confidence and in competence.

Another of Nicola’s strengths is that she is not afraid to challenge Malcolm, something that we rarely see on the show apart from Jamie and one isolated scene from Terri. And many times, she is more than justified in seeing so. He may be the Dark Lord of Westminister but he’s only human and as such makes mistakes—sometimes catastrophic ones as we see in S3 and S4. Nearly everyone else is too terrified of Malcolm to say anything even when Malc is in the wrong but Nicola is not afraid to give him the business.

As for Nicola being frumpy… Sure, her clothes aren’t exactly fashion plate material but I’ve always taken canons insinuations that she is the frumpiest of frumpies or massively unfortunate looking with more than a grain of salt.

I mean the writers honestly expect us to believe that THIS is a face like “Dot Cotton licking piss off a nettle.”




Yeah I totally can’t see why anyone would be attracted to her ever? 0/10 . Would not recommend.

You did a lovely job. I love Malcola.